RM Tabona Signage

“Delicious” is right in the name

Tabona is derived from Tabonai, a Batak word that means very delicious.

This isn’t just a name – it’s a promise. We use the finest ingredients in the hands of cooks that have spent decades making the perfect curry. The flavors haven’t changed since we first opened, and every day we offer a true taste of the region’s best Medanese-style curry.

It doesn’t matter if you call it Curry or Kari – because the only name you need to remember is Tabona.

What we do best

Free-range Chicken Curry & Beef Curry.

You’ve never had a curry like ours.

Tabona’s specialty curries are light and aromatic, with a velvety, soup-like texture that’s home to the finest local ingredients. We spend hours making sure that each pot is perfect, and we know that you’ll be able to taste the difference.

We make everything from scratch, starting with our curry paste. 30 hand-selected spices are blended together to make our signature flavors. Free-range poultry and beef are used because they offer a superior texture and flavor, in addition to be sustainably raised. Our broth is slow-cooked to create the rich flavors that come out of the kitchens of Medan.

When other curries are heavy – ours are light.

When other curries are weight you down, Tabona’s curry will lift you up.

Tabona Curry
Tabona Beef Curry Rice Noodle

1 Recipe – 50 Years

We’re so proud of what we do that we’ll never change.

Our family has been working in the kitchen at Rumah Makan Tabona since we opened.

We have three generations of family serving curry and Kari Bihun in three different locations.

Our customers have been with us from the start, too. Parents bring children, those children grow up, and they bring in their own children to eat the curry that reminds them of their family.

There’s nothing we’d rather be doing, and we hope you come back and visit us soon at Tabona.